2024 Schedule


In order to continue to build a strong swim program and reduce swimmer attrition, we will have our youngest swimmers swim in the first (earliest) practice group and our oldest swimmers in the last practice group.  Thank you for your flexibility and understanding.

Early Practice Group (#1): tentatively 6-10 year olds

Middle Practice Group (#2): tentatively 10-12 year olds

Late Practice Group (#3): tentatively 12-18 year olds

*Ages as of 6/1/24

The ages within each group may shift in order to create 3 full swim groups.

The team practices 5 days a week. Monday - Friday.

The first practice will tentatively be Monday, June 17th.


2023 Practice times ran as follows:

Group 1: 7:00 - 7:55am 

Group 2: 7:40-8:50am

Group 3: 8:35-9:50am

*Exact Practice times subject to changed based on pool staff and scheduling.



All dual meets are held on Thursdays, except the week of July 4th.

6/27 EWAC @ Leavenworth

7/2*   LST @ Quincy 

7/11  Ephrata @ Leavenworth

7/18  WRAC & Waterville @ Leavenworth 

7/25  LST @ Cashmere

7/27 CHAMPS @ Wenatchee City Pool

Bold Meets will be held at the Leavenworth City Pool

*Tuesday meet