2023 Swim Team Registration

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See SCHEDULE for updated practice times!

Please fill out the form below. Make sure you remember to click save to continue on to complete the payment process.

Registration will be based on having a completed registration consisting of registration form, payment, and a completed volunteer form. After we have received 120 complete applications in approximately three equal age divisions, subsequent registrants will be wait listed.

Swimmers, ages 6-18 years old, as of June 1, 2023, are welcome to register. New swimmers to the team will be tested on the first day of practice. Swimmers need to be competent in 2 strokes of 25 yards. If your child has taken swim lessons, a completion of Level 4 is the proficiency needed for the swim team. If you are unsure if your child is ready to participate on swim team please contact us. 

The cost is $100 per swimmer. Please note that parents are required to volunteer for our home meets.

Please email leavswimteam@gmail.com if you have any questions!



Registration Form: 
Athlete Information
Parent Information
Emergency Contact Information

Behavior Code:

Swimmers and parents will submit to the authority of WVSSL, Board members, team administrators, coaches any on duty lifeguards when involved in any WVSSL event.  Violation may result in immediate expulsion from the event.

WVSSL, Board members, team administrators, coaches and parents will work to promote good sportsmanship and teamwork amongst WVSSL participants.  WVSSL, Board members, team administrators and coaches may determine what behaviors challenge good sportsmanship and teamwork.

Swimmers and parents will not behave in ways that interfere with the participation of, or threaten the safety of, any other person during WVSSL event.  WVSSL, Board members, team administrators and coaches may determine what constitutes interfering or threatening behavior.  During WVSSL events swimmers may not use or possess tobacco.  During WVSSL events no person may use or possess illegal drugs; illegally use prescription drugs; use non-prescription drugs or herbal remedies for purpose other than their published indications and other than the recommended dosages.


I declare my child is eligible to participate in the WVSSL and that the age and date of birth listed are correct.  My child and I have read and understand the above stated information.

Release of Liability Form/Medical Authorization:

I hereby authorize my child’s/children’s participation on the Leavenworth Swim Team.  I know of no medical problems which may affect my child/children to safely participate on the Leavenworth Swim Team.  I understand that my child/children must have medical insurance before they can participate in any Leavenworth Swim Team activities.  Neither I, nor my child/children, will hold the Leavenworth Swim Team, coaches, volunteers or the City of Leavenworth liable for any injuries or expenses relating to injuries while participating in Leavenworth Swim Team activities, practices and meets.  I authorize the agents of the Leavenworth Swim Team and the WVSSL to act on my behalf in a medical emergency concerning the swimmer(s) listed on this form.

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